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I started the business in 1998 and have built the company the old fashioned way, one customer at a time.     I prefer our reputation to do the talking for us, so I won't delve into an array of sales pitches to woo you into doing business with us.     Please, oh please.     We strive to be the professionals' professional around here.      Keep it simple, keep it real.


Joe Harkreader





4610 S. Ulster St. Ste150 Denver, CO 80237


& Bats



Our expertise with birds and bats is second to none.     Years have been dedicated to perfecting a number of methods for bird and bat mitigation.

We've been building personal and business relationships with PM's and HOA's for 16 years.     We understand you and the residents' concerns quite well.

From small rodents to porcupines and more, we service quite a variety of human/wild animal issues.    Call us for

your peace of mind.

Employees have a background in science and affinity for the work.

Professional, friendly, honest and

hard working, like you would expect.

Residential.    Commercial.    Property Management.    HOA's.

Environmental and habitat services

Your one stop source for inspections, removal, prevention and repair of nuisance pests, animals, birds, etc.

  • rats/mice/packrats                pigeons                                 rabbits
  • skunks                                  woodpeckers                        pocket gophers
  • squirrels                                ground squirrels                   voles
  • raccoons                               mud swallows                       more............
  • porcupines                            beaver/muskrat


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